Current Projects

Exploring Identity Formation of Minority Women in STEM through International Research

National Science Foundation (PI) 2017-2019

This project explores the ways transnational research experiences shape the identity formation of women from underrepresented backgrounds in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. More specifically, this research examines the ways in which varying cultural contexts of scientific inquiry may inform these experiences and the complexities of identity formation across the intersections of race, gender, class, and what it means to be a scientist through the cultural and material practices of contemporary international science agendas and networks.

Completed Projects

Spelbots: A Case Study for fostering inclusive environments for STEM learning. Doctoral Dissertation Research

National Science Foundation (Co-PI) 2014-2015

What does it mean to become a scientist in a body positioned by the literature of western
modernity and its philosophies of science, practice, science education and culture of science as incapable in truly ascribing a “science identity”? This project explores relations of power in the structural dynamics of western scientific culture and the experiences of social marginality.

UC Riverside Diversity and Learning Outcomes Project 

National Science Foundation PI: Yolanda Moses
Moving FORWARD for Women in STEM fields at UCR and Beyond

National Science Foundation PI: Yolanda Moses

Effectiveness of the American Anthropological Association sponsored Race Museum Exhibit

American Anthropological Association; Ford Foundation PI: Yolanda Moses


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